It is a highly competitive world with few global end customers. Efficiency, traceability, rigor in processes, and after-sales service are the keys to excel in the market.

Banking & Insurance

Digital assets have for years been the building blocks of a market where disintermediation is a constant challenge. In make-or-buy choices, it is often necessary to use original software development to differentiate and retain customers at the same time.

Consumer Goods

Large numbers and a wide variety of direct and indirect sales channels characterize the industries in this sector. All manufacturing companies’ best practices must align with the continuous renewal of the product range and design, which becomes primary in sales strategies.

Food & Pharma

Compliance and careful attention to consumers are the central elements of a market that needs to pay close attention to data and processes. The management of research and development, and the continuous capacity for innovation in compliance with the requirements of the international regulatory authorities are fundamental for the sustainability of business models.


Since the COVID19 pandemic, the healthcare world has now gained an even more important social role. The tremendous effort made by healthcare companies goes hand in hand with managing the user experience, which requires increasingly fast and accessible responses.

Industrial Machinery & Components

It is one of the markets of choice for Apex. The leading companies in this sector are facing the new normal and must evolve their business model. Convergence of physical and virtual, mobility, connected devices and plants, and equipment rental represent some of the must-haves in this world.

Public Sector

The digitization of PA is not a new fact. However, scenarios that were unthinkable until a few months ago are opening up. The shift toward private-sector-like models is now tangible. However, special attention needs to be paid to the governance of processes to assure institutions and citizens about the usefulness of digital investments.